Custom-designed floors

Herola International is the exclusive agent for M4FOUR’s custom-designed digitally-produced vinyl floors of any size. The custom designed floors are used by hospitals and other health facilities to enhance the user experience by creating a relaxing environment or by showing the routes on the floor for example. The vinyl floors meet the highest standards on durability, easy maintenance and hygiene. The customized floors are not only used by health facilities, but also by offices, schools, universities, expos and events, where they can provide commercial, aesthetic, directive or safety communication.

Imagine the possibilities

In the healthcare sector cleanliness and hygiene are of crucial importance. Especially in hospitals and operating rooms, there should not be any possibility for bacteria and other microorganisms to reproduce or hide. This means that the floor of these operating rooms needs to be completely sterile. Our flooring solution offers a completely sterile environment that is easily cleanable with a low maintenance surface and fits the cleaning regime that is essential in the healthcare sector. However, this does not mean that the rooms need to be devoid of color or fun.

It is possible to apply any supplied design to our floors and with it you can create various rooms for different environments and effects. you can create a different operating room design for adults that helps increase patient satisfaction, tranquility and contentment, offering an uplifting, yet professional experience.

Our floors are also usable outside of the healthcare environment and there are many possibilities and options available, as any design you supply us with can be printed on the floor. We can create floorings for nearly any occasion and the only limit is your imagination.

Some inspiration

The only limit is your imagination.

M4FOUR’s custom-designed floors

Herola International is the exclusive agent of M4FOUR’s custom-designed printed floors in the Middle East. M4FOUR is the first and -for now- the only professional manufacturer of customized floors in the world. They produce and provide situation-specific, digitally produced vinyl flooring at any size.

Interested in the custom-desgined floors?

If you are interested in our custom-designed floors, or if you want additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.