Consultancy and management

Herola International provides management and consultancy services to health facilities in order to improve quality of care for clients and to improve efficiency and reduce costs for the organization. We have years of experience providing organizations with consultancy and management services based on best practices and evidence based approaches. Whether you want to set up a brand-new company or you have a large established health facility that you want to improve, Herola International has the expertise and experience to make it happen.

Setting up a new company

Do you have the ambition to start a new health-related company such as a clinic, homecare or nursery but you have no idea how or where to start? Or have you already made some initial steps towards setting up your new company, but you lack some of the crucial pieces to actually get started such as the appropriate staff, company workflow or relevant assets? Herola International is there to help you. We help you make sure you have everything you need to set up your company effectively.

Improving your health facility

Are you managing or do you own a health facility that for some reason does not perform as well as you would expect or want it to? Or do you have to make budget cuts, limiting your resources, without affecting the quality of care for your clients and the safety of your clients and staff? Herola International, with our many years of experience, can help you. Some examples of how we helped our clients is through automating processes, implementing guidelines and procedures, leveraging IT and creating a high-performance culture. Herola International aims to achieve sustainable results within different organizational levels. We help improve clinical, financial and professional performance to achieve long-term success.

Enhancing client experience

Your clients are an important factor for your organization. You have to make sure they are satisfied in order for them to keep coming back to you rather than going to your competition. Herola International can help you improve your clients’ experience. Herola International has helped health facilities improve clients’ experience and satisfaction in several ways. Most notably, we have created custom-designed printed floors for many health facilities and the feedback of their clients was overwhelmingly positive. Some health facilities have used the custom-designed floors to create relaxing environments. Other facilities have increased their clients’ experience by printing the correct route on the floor, helping the clients find their way in the sometimes very large hospitals.


To improve the client experience for children, we have the DollsVilla by Liliane. The DollsVilla is a large dollhouse that will not only distract the children, but they also offer therapeutic value.


These are only two examples of how Herola International can help you enhance your clients’ experience.

Surviving in the competitive market and gaining a competitive edge

Healthcare organizations worldwide are facing challenges caused by global trends such as e-health, smart pills and personalized medicine. Another big problem is the increase in competition. More and more health facilities are established every month and more and more make use of state-of-the-art technologies. How can you survive and compete with all these facilities and create a competitive edge? Herola International can help you strengthen your foundation, identify strategic options and improve the overall performance of your company to achieve full potential. You have to make sure you keep growing in order survive. We therefore help you create sustained growth strategies and help implement them. Herola International will also help you with the management of your health facility, as good management is vital to survive in this competitive healthcare market.

Recruitment solutions

It is important to have the appropriate staff with the appropriate knowledge and expertise in order to give your clients the best possible healthcare services they require. Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition for qualified and experienced healthcare professionals globally. Finding the right professionals for your health facility can be time and money consuming. And once you have hired a couple of top healthcare talent, you have to make sure they will not leave for your competitor. Herola International’s recruitment solutions provide the answer for all your healthcare staff needs.

Training and education

Herola International has years of experience in training healthcare professionals and offering continued medical education. It is important your healthcare professionals remain up to date with latest developments in their own field and in related fields to ensure they can offer the best possible multi-disciplinary treatment plan for their clients. Herola International has a large network of professionals who want to share their knowledge and expertise for their specialty with the world.

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