3D-personalized seatings for special needs

Herola International offers 3D-personalized seating systems for people with special needs. These seating systems are custom-made and are adjusted to each individual’s unique needs for optimal comfort and support. These 3D-personalized seating systems offer wonderful benefits for people with a disability. They evenly distribute pressure and weight, provide maximum comfort and can enhance your physical capabilities, to name just a few of the benefits Herola International’s 3D-personalized seating systems have to offer.

Why 3D-personalized seatings?

Many people who have a disability are uncomfortable and in pain due to lack of proper physical support. Insufficient support can cause deformities. These deformities will worsen over time due to wrong seating postures. Furthermore, children with special needs who are not supported properly are likely to develop growth deficiencies.


To help support these people with special needs, we have developed a 3D-personalized seating system. These seating systems allow the body to be in a comfortable and proper seating position, thereby reducing pain and minimizing the progression of current deformities. Even though the seatings places the body in a comfortable position, there is still enough flexibility for you to move around! To be able to provide the best possible solution for each unique individual, the seating systems are 3D-personalized and uniquely tailored for your specific needs.


Infinitely variable, our seatings can be tuned to suit your very specific needs and produce an extremely lightweight form of seating, allowing it to interface with most mobility devices for indoor and outdoor use.

Advantages of 3D-personalized seatings

  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Enhances physical capabilities
  • Can reduce or prevent pain
  • Minimizes or prevents the progression of deformities
  • Enables proper growth of the body
  • Evenly distributes pressure and weight
  • Improved flexibility for movement
  • A proper positioning can lead to improved respiration
  • Spasms can be reduced by being in a proper seating position

Different options for your 3D-personalized seating system

3D-personalized seating

Children / Adults

3D-personalized seating

  • 3D-personalized to your specific needs for maximum comfort and support
  • Can be adjusted to many different mobility systems
  • Water and urine resistant
  • Will be tailored to your personal preferences in color and style
Manual 3D-personalized seating system

Children / Adults

Manual 3D-personalized seating system

  • Includes a 3D-personalized seating and a manual wheelchair
  • Choose one of our many self-propelled or companion propelled wheelchairs for adults or children
  • Easy handling due to super light-weight aluminium
Electric 3D-personalized seating system

Children / Adults

Electric 3D-personalized seating system

  • Includes a 3D-personalized seating and an electric wheelchair
  • Power tilting and lifting
  • Can be adjusted with custom features to meet your specific needs such as:
    •           power elevating leg rests
    •           oxygen holders
    •           remote control
    •           …and many more

How is your 3D-personalized seating made?

Production of the 3D-personalized seating systems

The first step in making your 3D-personalized seating system is to create a mold that optimally supports a correct body position. To create this mold, you are placed in a special vacuum bag which can be formed to your optimal body position. Once the mold has the correct shape, it is scanned with a 3D-scanner. The scan is then sent to a robot, which automatically starts milling your seating. Afterwards, the seating can be tailored to your personal preferences in color and style.

Interested in a 3D-personalized seating system?